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Change the color of black fur dominant and recessive is brown. Also the dominant allele epistatic locus can expression brown/black leather goods the recessive gene allele. When the homozygous is not allowed any expression of brown/black alleles, and the result is the yellow or white laboratories. If there is a yellow laboratory is mated with black laboratories can be puppies of all three colors get?

A further 30% orange juice is 5% orange juice. How many litres of each must be mixed to 25 L 24% orange juice is a solution: take x. litres per 30% orange juice take y litres. 5% x orange juice.

There are seven digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 (repetition is not allowed), a search can be formed even how 5 numbers?

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the result of the z-example using z-score table

1 Forest trees in large measure 27 forest, which can be bought. the average he thinks of 10.4-inch diameter and a standard deviation of 4.7 inches. suppose these trees provide a detailed description of the trees and the application of the normal pattern.

a. what size would central 95% of all the trees?

(b) for the percentage of the trees must be less than an inch diameter?

c. what percentage of the trees must be between 5 and 7 inches in diameter 10.4?

d. what percentage of the trees should be more than 15 cm in diameter

(a) what would you ask the central rate of 95% of all the trees?

Since the normal distribution symmetric
We should be 0.95/2

100? Maths, probability problem.? What is 200% and 125%? Six times some number subtracted by five times another number? Resolved Questions in Mathematics How would you do this math problem? Statistic help urgent :S? How do you work out squared meters? How to get the derivative of an exponential function to the function base ?

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-3/4 as a critical point but the Im stuck and I dont know what to do next, please help me, any help will be welcome 2 weeks ago Report Abuse

2 SO3(g)
ΔG: -300 0 -371

An equilibrium mixture contains O2(g) and SO3(g) at partial pressures of 0.51 atm and 3.0 atm, respectively. Using data from Appendix 4, determine the equilibrium partial pressure of SO2 in the mixture.